I like this problem.

Berkeley Math Circle: While in Berkeley I often held sessions at the local math circle, which is a great program for students enthusiastic about math. If you live in North America, click here to find a math circle near you.

Outliers: I love playing football (soccer) and it is always great fun to play with the Berkeley Statistics co-ed team. Despite our name, our results are often dead average (more than once we finished our season with a W3-D1-L3 record).

In May 2015 we participated in a fundraising tournament with all benefits going to Soccer Without Borders Oakland. Soccer Without Borders has a great mission, using soccer as a vehicle for positive change, working with many schools that serve immigrant and refugee youth.

The tournament was a success both on and off the pitch---check out our fundraising page (and if you can, consider contributing to a worthy cause). Finally living up to our name!

More football: it's fun in Princeton too: here's Team Ghana and the other finalist team from a mini world cup in May 2018: