Stat 150: Stochastic Processes, Spring 2014 -- Section Information

Basic info

Instructor: Ani Adhikari
Lecture time and location: MWF 11 - 12, 150 GSPP
Office hours: M 1 - 2:30, Tu 12 - 1:30, 413 Evans
Course homepage: here.
This is where you will find all important information about the course, including the grading policy.

GSI: Miki Racz
Section times and location: M 3 - 4 pm, M 4 - 5 pm, 332 Evans
Office hours: Tu 4 - 6 pm, W 9 - 11 am, 444 Evans,
except the week of Jan 27, when they will be Tu 4 - 6 pm, Th 11 am - 1 pm, 444 Evans

Email: s150 at
Email policy: Please use email only for emergencies and administrative matters.
Please include your full name and SID in all email messages.
For questions about the material, please come to office hours.

Section info and policies

Main purpose: We will work on practice problems, in order to
familiarize ourselves with the topics and concepts learned during lectures.

Attendance and participation:
Attendance is not required but strongly recommended.
If you do come to discussion section, please engage in the class
and do not do other things, as this distracts other students.
In particular, cell phones and laptops are not permitted.

Grading: No part of the discussion section affects your grade.
For full information about grading, see the course homepage.

HW policy:
I will not help with nor discuss HW in section before its due date, as time in section is limited.
If you have issues, please come to office hours.
For further info regarding HW, please see the course homepage.

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